Total Nicht Angesagt #5 – 22.07.2016

In our last public opening on Saturday the 22nd we invited the audience for a long session of sharings and performances. In four rounds the visitors were asked to navigate themselves through 10 different performative situations. Total Nicht Angesagt #5 celebrated one important aspect of Treffen Total- the challenge of collective and individual decision making: How do we meet and where do I want to go?

©Wolfgang Unger


©Thies Rätzke | ©Treffen Total 2016

Total Nicht Angesagt #4 – 20.07.2016

On Wednesday the 20th of July we opened again the doors to our studios. Here some impressions. All photos by Wolfgang Unger.

Improvisation with Tobias, Sofia and Jin Young:

G5596 Kopie1318
TNA#4 Improvisation © Wolfgang Unger
G5549 Kopie 1318
TNA#4 Improvisation © Wolfgang Unger

The travelling ball with Sigurour and Louise:

total nicht angesagt #3 picnic – 17.07.2016



Someone eats a lot of cheese.
Someone asks whether the eggs are hard-boiled.
Someone has a hangover.
Someone places their right hand on my left shoulder blade.
Someone tiny carries a really tall one.
Someone sits down in a cross-legged position.
Someone bought seven blankets at “Onkel Tokay’s Bazar”.
Someone rolls around the grass laughing.
Someone brings her two kids along.
Someone eats half of a jar of olives.
Someone is a kid.
Someone wants a child.
Someone learns how to open a bottle of beer with a spoon.
Someone does not eat all the food on his or her plate.
Someone forgets to eat.
Someone looks around and does not know how to choose where to go next.
Someone enjoys the art-free-blanket.
Someone plays the trumpet.
Someone notices the veins on the trumpet player’s throat.
Someone looks over to another blanket and would prefer to be there, but can’t leave his blanket (out of politeness).
Someone licks the watermelon juice off his fingers.
Someone is embarrassed because there is way too much food.
Someone starts whining.
Someone carries someone else’s child.
Someone stumbles and trips.
Someone mistakes a hammer for bread.
Someone is afraid to roll the dice.
Someone leaves early.
Someone arrives late.
Someone never showed up.
Someone brought a cake.
Someone didn’t bring anything.
Someone brought his lover.
Someone feels bad about having a picnic while the world goes crazy.
Someone feels terrible about everything that is happening outside of this bubble.
Someone brought her girlfriend.
Someone never wants this to end.
Someone eats with her eyes closed.
Someone does not know what to do with herself.
Someone explains why a Tamagochi is called Tamagochi.
Someone talks to someone he has never talked to before.
Someone is very pregnant.
Someone else is very pregnant too.
Someone is humming because the noodle salad is so delicious.
Someone eats an egg.
Someone is running away.
Someone can taste that the fruit was cut on a chopping board on which onions were chopped on.
Someone is carried on the back of an artistic director.
Someone is carried in someone else’s arms.
Someone is wearing his new friend’s lipstick.
Someone is wearing a Portuguese scarf.
Someone is wearing a hat someone else brought along.
Someone is injured.
Someone is collecting trash in a blue plastic bag.
Someone asks when we will go home.
Someone is smoking a cigarette.
Someone never moves to another blanket.
Someone asks for a hug.
Someone is always there but no one knows her name.
Someone is taking pictures.
Someone plays an unknown instrument.
Someone feels uncomfortable.
Someone is running towards an arriving family.
Someone pretends that it is a hot summer’s day.
Someone asks whether “this is vegan”.
Someone learns that you might get wet socks if you take off your shoes at a German picnic.
Someone cannot find their bag.
Someone asks someone to dance a waltz with her.
Someone is in love with the word “picinici”.
Someone thinks this is artifarti.
Someone holds her god child.
Someone runs around scared to go hungry.
Someone wants to take their clothes off but doesn’t.
Someone is passing by with a dog.
Someone does not drink his opened beer.
Someone calls asking where we are.
Someone has never been to this part of town.
Someone immediately knows that someone else is Danish too.
Someone talks about her experience of taking the pill.
Someone is a medium.
Someone hasn’t had sex in a long time.
Someone talks about Japan.
Someone has been to Japan.
Someone is holding a skull in his hands.
Someone says strawberries are nuts.
Someone calls hens a “sperm bank”.
Someone feels the grass between his naked toes.
Someone is melancholic.
Someone has a rant.
Someone opened a packet of crisps before the picnic even started.
Someone keeps on asking where the guests are.
Someone wears a shirt with an imaginary map on it.
Someone needs to pee.
Someone wears a turban.
Someone wears a blue dress and red socks.
Someone asks someone else if she could get off her coat because she is freezing.
Someone is not feeling cold.
Someone notices that a lot of leftovers have been used for the picnic.
Someone arrives with a shopping trolley.
Someone forgets to say goodbye.
Someone greets someone else two times.
Someone offers someone else a lighter.
Someone picks up the plates.
Someone only realizes that there is coffee when the picnic is nearly over.
Someone distributes the food.
Someone feels disgusted about paper plates.
Someone talks about the funding procedures in Brussels.
Someone eats the last Bavarian sausage.
Someone baked a crumble.
Someone is already drunk.
Someone is yawning.
Someone writes down a score.
Someone forgets what she wanted to say.

Greta Granderath & Annika Scharm

Total nicht angesagt #3

Next Total Nicht Angesagt coming up:

We kindly invite you to TREFFEN TOTAL NICHT ANGESAGT #3, a collaborative picnic, on Sunday 17 July, meeting point 3 pm at K3-Centre of Choreography | Danceplan Hamburg.

picnic 2The weather forecast for Sunday is beautiful and we would like to invite you to join us for a very special picnic! We at Treffen Total have been working together for two weeks at K3 and we are really longing for a day outside with you, our friends, your friends, strangers and lovers, kids and pets. Bring a little something to eat, for example cheese, chips or some beer, just a small gesture of sharing. We will take care of bread and some food for everyone. Bring your good spirit and time to share, this time the open event will be about sharing quality time. We will propose different picnic-situations for an hour and feel free to participate as you like.


Training Total Week 3

Montag bis Freitag, jeweils 10:00-11:30, Kampnagel K4 (Kanalseite)

Liebe FreundInnen und Interessierte,

das TRAINING TOTAL im Rahmen von TREFFEN TOTAL 2016 geht nun in der letzte Woche! Wir werden dieses Mal forschen, entdecken, ausprobieren, kombinieren und austauschen über  Stimme und Körper, Gruppe und Selbst, möglich und nicht möglich aus den vielfältigen Methoden und Erfahrungen von den Tanz-, Theater- und PerformancekünstlerInnen – diese Woche aus Hamburg, Reykjavík, Paris und Lissabon: Ann-Kathrin Quednau und Anja Winterhalter, Sigurður Arent, Nuno Lucas, Verena Brakonier, Franziska Henschel

 Mo. 18.7. Ann-Kathrin Quednau & Anja Winterhalter: Voicing (open to every level)Voice and breathing work, sounding and moving, exploring your vocal range through your body

Di. 19.7. Sigurður Arent: The Harold (open level) An introduction into theatrical improvisation based on an American approach called The Harold. Practice with movement and voice.

Mi. 20.7. Nuno Lucas: Pongo Land Welcome to PONGO LAND. This class is based upon a duet I’ve done in collaboration with Hermann Heisig. We will explore the differences, similarities and possible or impossible relationships with another body. A landscape where we constantly compare, compete, copy, creating a state of permanent transformation. Come and join your other self !

Do. 21.7. Verena Brakonier: creative body (open level) a training about attention, presence and personal intention not only in artistic processes.

Fr. 22.7. Franz.iska Henschel: lost and found in translation (open to all) we deal with the idea of translation- from one artistic language into another one- using movements, spoken/written words, drawings, signs, sounds…

Off to a woobly-goobly start

It’s been two weeks now and something is starting to emerge from the creative chaos. Wednesday morning Pavlos Kountouriotis lead a training session named „Woobly-Goobly & 5 practices of seeing“ where the participants worked with how the gaze can influence movement. 20160713_103807

People then dispersed to the studios or the kitchen to continue working. In the K31 the Small People Project took shape and some people explored the act of carrying and holding in K4.


After a wonderful lunch we continued with our work, for example the Encounter investigation by Jenny, Rita and others. A small committee also came together to plan the open event next Sunday which will take the form of a picnic! More on that later.

There is emerging a strong need to define the hows and whys of our collaboration here and a constant dialogue about the nature of our encounter. This is of course vital for a meeting of these proportions, where people have different expectations. We are also aware of the tendency of practicalities to steal time, whole days even, bringing to the fore the importance of proper time management and just how exhausting immaterial labour can be.