Total nicht angesagt #3

Next Total Nicht Angesagt coming up:

We kindly invite you to TREFFEN TOTAL NICHT ANGESAGT #3, a collaborative picnic, on Sunday 17 July, meeting point 3 pm at K3-Centre of Choreography | Danceplan Hamburg.

picnic 2The weather forecast for Sunday is beautiful and we would like to invite you to join us for a very special picnic! We at Treffen Total have been working together for two weeks at K3 and we are really longing for a day outside with you, our friends, your friends, strangers and lovers, kids and pets. Bring a little something to eat, for example cheese, chips or some beer, just a small gesture of sharing. We will take care of bread and some food for everyone. Bring your good spirit and time to share, this time the open event will be about sharing quality time. We will propose different picnic-situations for an hour and feel free to participate as you like.


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