Circle of Good Bye

Evaluation talk while lying in a circle, head to head, listening to each others voices, being close before saying good bye.


Off to a woobly-goobly start

It’s been two weeks now and something is starting to emerge from the creative chaos. Wednesday morning Pavlos Kountouriotis lead a training session named „Woobly-Goobly & 5 practices of seeing“ where the participants worked with how the gaze can influence movement. 20160713_103807

People then dispersed to the studios or the kitchen to continue working. In the K31 the Small People Project took shape and some people explored the act of carrying and holding in K4.


After a wonderful lunch we continued with our work, for example the Encounter investigation by Jenny, Rita and others. A small committee also came together to plan the open event next Sunday which will take the form of a picnic! More on that later.

There is emerging a strong need to define the hows and whys of our collaboration here and a constant dialogue about the nature of our encounter. This is of course vital for a meeting of these proportions, where people have different expectations. We are also aware of the tendency of practicalities to steal time, whole days even, bringing to the fore the importance of proper time management and just how exhausting immaterial labour can be.



Impressions from the regular „flowertalk“ at Treffen Total, where the participants share their ideas and reflections on their process. The flower is passed around, and the person with the flower can speak for 3 minutes.